How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Though the impending joy of motherhood can make pregnancy easier, for many women, regardless of that joy, pregnancy is difficult. While a woman’s body is made for pregnancy, it is does negate the fact that pregnancy can be extremely painful. From dealing with morning sickness to back pain to hormone changes to trouble sleeping, the 9 months or so a woman is pregnant can feel like a lifetime.

Pregnancy often makes women more tired than they already are, as carrying a child in the womb takes a lot of energy. However, though women are extremely tired, getting a good night of rest can be challenging. Trouble sleeping can come from a variety of factors, including insomnia, trouble getting comfortable, and the anticipation of waiting for the bundle of joy to arrive.

If you are struggling with sleeping during your pregnancy, here are a few changes to consider making in order to help your body find sleep:

Proper Mattress

The wrong mattress can make sleep difficult for even people not dealing with bodily stress of pregnancy. Ill-formed or old mattresses can hinder your ability to sleep, as your body is not able to get comfortable during the night, causing a restless sleep at best. So if you’re struggling with back pain and discomfort it might be worth investing in the best mattresses to suit your needs. If you are pregnant, your body might be more prone to notice how uncomfortable the mattress is, as you are already battling feeling uncomfortable due to pregnancy. Looking into a Personal Comfort Bed or a brand new mattress that can adjust to your body’s preferences can help you find that elusive sleep.

Midnight Snacks

While your body might be hungry, it is wise to avoid snacking before bedtime, as any snacks or drinks may cause heartburn, headaches, reflux, or strange dreams, which can wake you up in the night and keep you awake. Most doctors recommend avoiding eating or drinking anything at least two hours before heading to bed.

Sleep on Your Side

While many women are aware that sleeping on their side can help release some of the pressure of the baby, many do not realize that it can also help them breathe better. Sleeping on your side can also increase the blood and other essential nutrients flowing to the baby, thereby helping the baby remain healthy as it grows. Plus, if you are suffering from backaches, sleeping on your side can relieve some, if not all, of that pain.

Get Up

It is typical for people who cannot sleep to spend precious sleeping time tossing and turning. However, that can actually make it more difficult for you to go to sleep. Instead, get up and walk around. Many are afraid getting up will make it too difficult for them to go to sleep, but, in fact, it is just the opposite. Walking around the house or doing something that is boring can help your body relax and grow tired, helping you fall asleep quicker than tossing and turning.

Take Fewer Naps

Many pregnant women nap throughout the day, which can keep sleep at bay during the night. If you want to take small cat naps throughout the day, try to limit them to only 20 or 30 minutes. These power naps can help your body feel rejuvenated without disrupting your evening sleep schedule. Long naps cause your body to enter a sleep cycle, which can throw off your evening sleep cycle, as your body feels as if it has already slept.

Keep it Cool

Most pregnant women tend to run hot, as the body’s heat increases while pregnant. When it is warm or feels warm, it can be extremely difficult to sleep. To help your body get comfortable and find sleep, keep the temperature in your room low. If it still does not feel cool enough, try sleeping with a fan pointed directly on you. It can help keep your body’s temperature regulated.

Make it Dark

Quiet and dark spaces are ideal for sleeping, thus make your room as dark as possible. Some of the distractions you may not have noticed before you were pregnant can be much more apparent now that you are pregnant. Eliminating those added lights can help you fall into a deeper sleep.

These tips can help you be more rested as you await the birth of your new baby.

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