Snow Safety For Children

February 2011 Record Breaking Snow in Michigan

Have you experienced any of the winter storms that passed through about a week ago?  I have a friend in Tennessee who told me they got almost 13 inches of snow where they live!  That was the perfect opportunity for her and her husband to take their 10-month-old outside to experience his first real snow.

Here are some tips for taking a baby out in the snow:

Please keep in mind that young babies (6 months and under) are not able to regular their temperatures and all children under 2 are at risk for hypothermia or frostbite, so it is better to keep them indoors during the frigid cold temperatures.

If you do venture out, make sure you dress your children in layers.  Children 1 year and older require the same amount of clothing you do, and children under a year require an extra layer.

Hats are a must. K eeping the head warm and safe is a top priority.  Of course, do not forget the gloves/mitten and thick socks as well as thick shoes such as snow boots! Something else to keep in mind is that you will want to dress your child in bright colors.  It is so easy for children to wander off or fall down.  If they are unaware of the effects, other children could (innocently) cover the fallen child with snow as a game.  If you are able to find reflective shoes, bonus points for you! Safety first!

Did you know that snow reflects 80% of UV rays?  WOW!  That means that even though the swimsuits are packed up and pools are closed, you still need to lather your children in sunscreen to protect their skin!  Make sure to cover their face, neck, hands and scalp with the sunscreen to ensure that all bases are covered and protected.  Have fun and be safe this winter!

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