Time For Attic Insulation Update

Attic insulation truck

Here’s a shot from my upstairs window of what I came home to this morning.  This attic insulation crew was ahead of schedule and beat me home.  Since scheduled appointments often run behind, I had planned on getting out of the gym, running to the post office and making it back home before the attic crew arrived, BUT suprise!  I arrived home a few minutes before my scheduled appointment, just like I had planned but as I said before, this crew was ahead of schedule and already working in our attic.  My husband also works at home and was there to let them in, but he is so busy right now working on his home business that I wanted to take care of this one myself, or so I had planned.

Our home was built in 1995 and the insulation had several dips in places in the attic where you could see spots / trails that had been made by several people over the years.  Our heating/electric bills are always out of this world so we deicded to update our attic insulation in hopes that updated insulation and a radiant barrier in the attic could help our home with its’ heating / cooling issues.

attic insulation work

Here’s a shot of my steps once I entered the front door.  I was very happy to see that they had covered my new carpet before running their hose through the house.

attic insulation door

Their hose was already in place and blowing additional attic insulation by the time I got in the front door.  You could see a little bit of insulation “snow” floating in the air, but it was easily vaccumed up once they had carried their equipment back out to their truck.  The radiant barrier insulation will come next.  It is being installed by a second crew.  I hope this helps reduce our electric bills — fingers crossed!

3 thoughts on “Time For Attic Insulation Update”

  1. It looks like they were pretty clean during their work. That’s not too common when working with insulation. When everything is done your house should be the warmest on the block this winter.

  2. Always good to see people getting their insulation updated. People don’t realize how much money they’re wasting trying to heat a home that’s drafty or poorly insulated. Hope you’re seeing the results!

    1. Actually, when I went up in the attic to put up some holiday totes, I noticed that it wasn’t as cool as I had expected it to be. I guess I have always been feeling cold drafts and now those are gone.

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