Winter Weather Tips

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Do you have a snowstorm or ice storm coming your way? I have a few tips that will make that storm less of a hassle on you! If you have to shovel snow, try spraying some non-stick spray on to your shovel. The snow should fall right off, making shoveling a quicker and easier experience for you.

If your shoes are prone to water leaks, slip a sandwich bag over your socks before putting your shoes on. It might feel weird at first, but it has got to feel better than walking around in wet socks all day!

If you plan on cooking a meal in your oven on a cold winter day, leave the oven door open when you are done using it. The oven will cool off faster, and you will reap the benefits of that warm air being released into your home.

If you are home and feel safe enough to do so, leave your blinds and shades open during the day so the sunshine can naturally warm your house up a bit. It may be cold out, but the sun is still a fiery hot ball of warmness!

Here is a great tip for bedtime: Place a hot water bottle (or two!) in your bed before climbing in so you will get into a warm cozy bed instead of waiting for your body temperature to adjust.

Do you hate having to wipe up water and melted snow at your doorway from the shoes that just came in from outside? Place some pebbles in a tray and sit the shoes in the tray. The water will drain through the rocks and you will just need to dump the tray water out every few days rather than mopping up your floor a few times a day!

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