A Great Attitude Can Get You Pretty Far!


Sometimes we get caught up in the negativity that happens around us.  It can be so hard to get out of that loop once you enter into it! Have you ever heard the phrase “fake it ‘til you make it?”  I have a story that goes along with that phrase.

I have a friend who is married with a young child and their little family just got a home of their own.  They did not truly realize just how expensive it would be when you add in the utilities and other necessary expenses on top of a rent payment at an apartment complex.  They thought they had enough in savings to help them get by for a bit longer but they thought wrong.

My friend ended up really struggling with her depression and it was only getting worse.  The stress, lack of money, a sleepless baby and not enough time in the day was enough to make her lose a ton of hair, sleep and faith.  For the sake of her family, she had to fake it ‘til she made it – who else would if she didn’t?  She greeted her husband at the door every day when he came home from work.  The house was still messy from playtime earlier and dinner was still sitting on the stove in prep mode.  Imagine how that makes a wife feel when she has to face her hard-working husband with those situations daily?  Now, I am not saying that makes her a bad wife but internally she was beating herself up.

She decided to call around and ended up scoring an interview and getting hired all in the same day.  She went in for the interview, smiled and laughed (a lot!) and joked around as much as she could without being unprofessional.  The manager loved her cheery disposition and hired her on the spot.

Life can be so hard but if you can fake it ‘til you make it, you are already doing better!  If you are feeling discouraged, put a smile on your face and walk into a place that makes you feel better.  Smiling alone raises serotonin levels.  Have a great day and remember, sometimes things get worse before they get better but we all have something to be thankful for!

Photo Credit:  blog.readyforzero.com

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