Do You Know Your Neighbors?


If you live in a subdivision, city or apartment complex you are surrounded by tons of people. Do you know your neighbors? Do you trust them? Something that happens all too often is that someone unexpectedly gets a knock on the door and they recognize their neighbor standing on the other side, so they trustingly open the door. This is a completely normal reaction but sometimes we do not think this through all the way.

Have we met them before today? Do we even know his or her name? It is so important to get to know your neighbors and be weary of who you open the door for! If you have been watching the news lately, you have probably seen many home invasions and burglaries have been taking place the past couple of months. Granted these things are really unavoidable – if someone is determined to get in, they will. But you can slow down the process by examining who is at your door and choosing whether to open it or not.

Look for signs that someone could be dangerous. If you have a neighbor that is very quiet and hardly ever talks to you but is always watching you, that is a sign. If you see a neighbor that is rough with his animals, that is also a danger sign. Also, remember that the police are here to help us. If you do have someone at your door and you feel uncomfortable, call 911! They will be more than willing to come to your residence and check out the situation. No call is too “silly” and they will take you seriously.

You can never be too careful these days. We can get so caught up in what is happening inside of our homes that we tend to not pay enough attention to what is happening outside of our homes. Keep your eyes peeled starting today and make sure you are doing enough to protect yourself!

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