Dreaming Of Pecan Pie


Do you ever wake to find that you have been dreaming about food?  One morning, I woke up from a dream about all the Pecan Pie I had eaten.  In my dream, I could hear my husband telling me that I had worked so hard to drop weight, so did I really want to ruin all my hard work by eating so much pie at one time.  In my dream, I kept telling him, I am going to eat the last peice of pie, then I will be done.  I had eaten about half of the pie at that time and had one more piece that was going to haunt me if I didn’t eat it.  The funny thing about this was that I hadn’t even had any Pecan Pie around the house lately, but I had over eaten the night before and it must have been haunting me.

The only way I can drop weight is to count my calories and sometimes, when I am stressed out, I mess up right at bedtime and just go nuts in the pantry eating sweets, trail mix, etc.  If I could refrain from that night time binge, then I know that I will drop weight the next morning, but when the night time binge creeps in, I know I messed up and I won’t be able to see any drop in the scale the next morning.

Thankfully the holiday weight is now gone and I am back on track, but Pecan Pie does sound good, doesn’t it?

Photo Credit:  Parade.com

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