Is Equanimity Magazine For You #Review


Live today, Improve Tomorrow!

The whole purpose to living is to always try and have a better tomorrow.  I love reading inspiring and motivating stories, and I have found the perfect magazine that fulfills that passion of mine.  The best part is that I can choose to read it in digital format so I can take it with me on the go or in print format so I can display it in my home for others to see as well!

Equanimity Magazine is an online magazine about real people and their search to live better lives.  The goal of this magazine is to help readers gain insight from people that come from all different walks of life and work in various industries.  These people share their stories of beginnings, growth, and succession of how they pursued their dreams and chased their goals.

This magazine provides access to tools such as productivity and planning, something we can all use every now and again!  On the home page of this online magazine, they show a nice preview of what is in the current edition.  I love the fact that the website gives a nice amount of access to the magazine before you purchase it so you know exactly what you are getting and the information you will be reading about!  I hate when I buy a magazine that has a ton of useless and boring articles.  That is not the case with Equanimity Magazine!

You can purchase the print copy for $16.99 or the digital copy for only $3.99.  By the way, the digital copy comes FREE with the print copy so you can read it on the go if you do not want to carry the print copy around!  You can also find Equanimity Magazine on the Magzter App, available for download now!  If that is not enough to convince you about how great this magazine is, many well-known and highly-rated companies and publications such as Bloomsberg BusinessWeek, Market Watch, Forbes, Black Enterprise, Yahoo Finance and more have featured Equanimity Magazine within their pages as well.

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