Hoffman Academy Offers a Great New Way to Learn Piano

Piano lessons. They’re a little like broccoli. They’re good for you, but how many kids really like them?
If you want your kids to be learning the piano and loving it, try Hoffman Academy. Right now, Hoffman Academy is running a Kickstarter campaign to build a new, online piano learning system. It starts out with free online video lessons. Hoffman Academy already has 120 piano lessons online, with over 5 million views and counting. Add to that the complete lesson materials, sheet music, audio listening files, and worksheets. These materials are currently available for purchase and download from the Hoffman Academy website, and are great for reinforcing the learning in the video lessons.
Now put it all together with a new, comprehensive music learning app that includes interactive music theory games, progress tracking, practice instructions, and lots more video lessons, and you get Hoffman Academy 2.0! For only $15 a month, a fraction of the cost of traditional private lessons, your child could be learning piano from a master teacher, downloading sheet music, worksheets, and listening files at no additional cost, and using a piano learning app that tracks and celebrates their progress as they watch lessons and work on their skills through a series of carefully designed music learning games.
Sound like a great deal? It gets even better. Hoffman Academy is running a Kickstarter to help fund development of their new website and music learning app, and they’re pre-selling subscriptions at a major discount. A $25 pledge gets you three months, $45 gets you six months, $80 gets you a year, and $250 gets you a lifetime subscription. Think of it, a lifetime of piano lessons for what a typical private teacher will charge for a few months! Visit Hoffman Academy’s Kickstarter page to learn more.
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