I Shopped Amazon Pantry

Amazon Pantry

I have heard about Amazon Pantry and was a little curious, then I received an email that said my Amazon Pantry  credits were about to expire so I decided it was time to check it out.  It turns out that my Amazon Pantry credit was for $5.99 free shipping for one Amazon Pantry box.  When you check out of Amazon Prime, I had selected the shipping option of not being in a rush in order to get the $5.99 Amazon Pantry credit then had forgotten about it.  Above you’ll see the Amazon Pantry box when it arrived at the house.

Prime Pantry Box

The box was packed very well and contained quite a few things.  It was just like grocery shopping except that I didn’t get any “cold” items but that is ok with me, as this is one less trip to the grocery that I have to make that requires packing all this in my trunk and then on into the house.  Shopping Amazon Prime Pantry did take me quite awhile because I wanted to check into the pricing for the items I was buying and I also wanted to shop from the items that offered coupons.

Amazon Prime Pantry inside

Here’s a picture of more of my items so that can see the things that were stuffed down in the bottom of the box.  As I was shopping Amazon Pantry, I could see the box filling up.  Once the box had filled up, you were required to start with a new box, so at that time I cut my order off so that everything could arrive in my box with free shipping that would be covered with my $5.99 shipping credit.

I was impressed with Amazon Pantry and loved receiving groceries on my porch, so I will shop there again.  Until then, I will be watching those Amazon Pantry coupons!

Have you ever tried Amazon Pantry?  Do you see any items in my order that you could use at your house?

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