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I was given a credit to use on to use in facilitating my review.  My opinons are mine alone.  I was so excited about ordering these shirts that I bought one for everyone in my family and paid the rest of the bill on this order so they could arrive together.
car wash shirts

Above you will see green for my 9 year old, and gray for my husband.  We will hopefully we opening our car wash this summer and are getting geared up!  The whole family is super excited and ready to begin our new adventure in the car wash business.

black car wash shirt

Above you’ll see the shirt that my teenage son chose.  Poor guy, he wasn’t quick enough to wear his shirt and I love these shirts so much, that I started wearing it myself.  This is just what happens when you and your teenager can wear the same size clothing.  BUT, now that I’ve had a chance to wash and wear the tee shirts a few times, I will make sure it ends up in his closet instead of in mine.   Heck, I ‘ve even worn my husband’s shirt as well, I love sleeping in large tee shirts, don’t you?

Bobbie car wash shirt

So here’s my tee shirt.  Our car wash has nothing to do with this purple color, but it is my favorite, so I just had to have it!

make a tee online

The shirts came wrapped up and nicedly packaged for me, with a great note inside.  From the minute I opened the package from, I was sold!  The customer service was over the top!  I had placed my order and received a phone call from their customer service department shortly after.  They had reviewed my design and noticed that my letters wouldn’t stand out enough so they wanted to call me to suggest outlining the letters in white in order to make them stand out more.  I couldn’t believe that they would call me.  I was thrilled that they cared enough about my shirt designing experience to help me out like that.

Bobby car wash shirt silly

Here’s the reason, this review has taken me so long to write!  Here’s Bobby, and he is so thrilled with his shirt, that it took forever for me to grab a picture of him for this review.  The picture above always brings smiles to my face, so I figured, why not share it with you too?

Bobby Car wash shirt

After many attempts at the perfect picture, I decided I would go with this one.  Bobby loves this shirt so much that he went to school telling his friends and even a teacher that his mom was buying shirts and she would buy them one too – WHAT???? Since he is so thrilled about our upcoming family business I am going to buy his friends each a shirt when it comes closer to our grand opening.  I have to say that I have been thinking about ordering promotional shirts for our #GFY Car Wash but I was afraid of how the shipping rate would affect my decision to buy online versus using a local company.  After my experience with MakeATeeOnline, I have found that their customer service, their pricing and their awesome tee shirts will work perfect for our promotional needs.  Again, I have to say, I am sold on this company and if you need any tee shirts designed, whether it be one or many more, you have to give this company a shot.  If you need help, no problem, email them at or call them at 954-753-7287.  They will be glad to help!

They have many clothing items to choose from but I chose to go with a tee shirt called “Everyone’s Favorite T-Shirt.”  These shirts wash well, haven’t shrank in the laundry and fit us just right! You know how you get that favorite tee shirt that you find yourself wanting to wear everyday, well I have to say that I have definitely found mine!

car wash ash shirts

Here’s an example of how their customer service has helped me.  I was having a hard time deciding on tee shirt color and lettering colors.  We went through many shirt colors and above you’ll see how they compared two designs for me in order to help my decision be a little easier.  I really liked the green wording shown on the top shirt, but I wanted to check in with my Facebook Friends before I made the final decision.  You can check out that opinion post here.

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There’s even a giveaway! is so exited to share their products with you, that they are offering a $50 coupon code for one US reader age 18 or above.  When placing your order, standard shipping is free. Make sure you get your entries in, this is one giveaway that you DON’T want to miss!

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  1. I would like the Ultra Cotton ® 100% Unisex Cotton Long Sleeve T Shirt or any of the shirts. I would have my daughter, who is an artist design something like an animal or flower for it.

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