Our High School Basketball Season Is Over

Basketball Soph shot Travis

This year’s basketball season was great!  My son was on the Sophomore Woodlands’s High School basketball team and they scored many victories throughout the season.  Above you can see where he just made his free throw and the team is after the ball.  It happened so quickly, that I was able to catch him still on his tip toes from jumping as he shot the ball.  These were my favorite photos throughout the season.  Each time he shot a free throw, I either videoed it or took pictures and sometimes I even caught the ball while it was still in the basket.

Game Score Travis

This Tuesday was the last game of his high school basketball season for the year.  The score was the perfect way to end his season as they won by 21 points against their opponents.  Of course the other team had to be very upset with their last game of the season, but as always, both teams can’t always win.

Sophomore Basketball Team Travis

Here’s a shot of the team and their coach following Tuesday night’s basketball game.  Everyone was proud of their final game and happy to have been a part of this team.  Now it’s time for the team to turn in their uniforms and go back to basketball class during the school day.   Can you believe how fast this year has flown by?  The summer months will be here before we know it and our new car wash will be up and running.  Travis will be working there as soon as the doors open.

What plans do you have for the summer?

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