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I was given 3 bottles of Refresh Liquid Wipes from to use in faciliating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone.
Refresh front

I was contacted by for a review of their Refresh Liquid Wipes foam cleaner.  Their product sounded very interesting, so of course, I had to set up a review of their products.   I was mailed three bottles and was very impressed with the appearance, size and fresh smell of the Refresh Liquid Wipes.  This bottle of Refresh is perfect for your purse, diaper bag, etc.  The top cap keeps the pump from being accidentally pushed and the directions on the bottle are so simple! Check out the instructions on the backside of the Refresh bottle shown below.

refresh directions

Refresh Liquid Wipes allows you to create great wipes on your own without worrying about plumbing issues afterwards.  If you are currently a fan of flushable wipes, then you know that sometimes they can be bulky in size and often hard on the plumbing.  This product could even be discreetly put inside your jeans pocket if needed. Refresh Liquid Wipes is a spray foam that is applied to everyday toilet paper in order to create a moist wet wipe similar to that of a pre-made flushable wipe.  This product sits on top of the toilet paper and allows the user to controll how much liquid is used with each “wipe.” This product was formulated with Aloe and Witch Hazel for a great soothing, clean experience.

Refresh Purse

Refresh contains 50 ml, or 1.7 oz. which makes it possible for you to carry it through the airport due to it’s small size.   Each bottle carries about 100 foam pumps which would equal about 50 uses if the user used two pumps per use.

Refresh Toilet

They are many great places to keep your Refresh Liquid Wipes.  The bottle is appealing enough to keep in your bathroom or you can keep it hid away under the cabinet, on the floor next to the toilet, etc.  This is sold on Amazon and on their website at with free shipping.  Be sure to catch out their website so you can take advantage of their promotions such as buy 3 and get one free.

Refresh Liquid Wipes come from a Veteran owned family business that runs three generations deep. This company, Midland America, is currently owned by brothers Karl and John Roth.

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