Setting Up An Office Takes Time


Sitting up an office building for several employees definitely takes time.  We were given the keys to our new office suite this past weekend.  The office was cleaned for us and it was ready for us to move into.  Since then, we have moved furniture into all the offices, met with our internet provider and scheduled to meet with the IT guy later in the week.

Today I came into the office to meet with the security company so they could get our alarm system up and going.  After seaching for wires in the ceiling and running lines down a few walls, they had me up and going five and a half hours later.  They did an amazing job and had excellent customer service.  I proudly give Reliant a ten out of ten on the services they provided for us today at our office.

Along with meeting with Reliant today, new blinds were installed, a new kitchen faucet was installed and I met with the carwash manager to discuss our upcoming billboard designs.  It was a hectic day but a lot was accomplished.  Tomorrow a new water heater is installed and the IT guy comes in to run our data lines.

It’s definitely busy at our house right now, but I can’t wait to get everything up and running.  Once the data lines have been ran for the phone and internet connections, our office will be ready to go.  It’s very exciting to see everything coming together.  Before we know it, our car wash will be built and fully operating.

Starting your own business can be very stressful, but oh so worth it in the end to see what you have accomplished.


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