Swapping Insurance Plans Has Been A HUGE Hassle!


Swapping insurance plans can be a HUGE hassle and doesn’t always turn out like you had anticipated.  My husband went to work for himself a few years ago and at that time, we had to purchase our own personal insurance plan.  This plan worked well for our medicine and doctor’s visits, but it was horrible when it came to the dental plan.  We had to wait a full year before some dental work could be eligible for coverage, such as root canals and simple things such as teeth cleaning always cost more than we believed it should.

Now that the office for our company is up and running, we have dropped our personal insurance and set up a group insurance plan that would cover us and all the employees.  We began setting this up in November of 2015 and by January 1, 2016, we all had coverage but no group id’s or id cards for any one.  Yes, we were covered, should anything happen to us, but the pharmacy couldn’t cover our medication without our insurance information.  Also, no doctor would even set up an appointment for us since we couldn’t supply them with our insurance card or account info.  As of February 1, 2016 we were still waiting on our insurance cards and finally we were given the information necessary to be able to print temporary cards from our online account.  Now we all have our insurance cards and can make doctor’s appointments, but I am finding out that our previous medications are not all covered and some of them do not have generic alternatives.  This is very frustrating to me.  I tried to fill one of my husband’s medicines today and was told that one month’s prescription would be $1100!  I was used to paying well under $50 per month and now they want $1100?

Something has to give here, it looks like I will be calling the doctor’s office once again since I left the $1100 prescription at Walgreen’s today until I can find a better solution for this.  Our previous insurance company was BCBS of TX and my current insurance company is BCBS of TX, what is going on?  Group insurance was supposed to be better for us, hopefully the doctor visits are better than the prescription offerings.  I have had our new card for over a week now and have already come across three of our medications that aren’t covered.

How do you feel about your insurance plan?  Is it a personal plan or a group plan from an employer?

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