Four Tips for a More Energy Efficient Home


In today’s day and age, saving energy is becoming something that more and more people are striving to do. Being as energy-efficient as possible and reducing your carbon footprint not only helps to keep your energy bills down, it’s also a lot kinder on the environment and helps to conserve energy for the future. There are a number of simple things which you can implement into your daily routine in order to save as much energy as possible in your home without having the need to spend loads or even make much sacrifice.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

When you can save up to $30 over the lifetime of just one energy saving lightbulb, it makes sense to switch to them. Although they cost a bit more to buy upfront in comparison to conventional light bulbs, they use 75% less energy and also last ten times as long. According to Energy Star, the amount of money which you’ll save from switching to an energy saving light bulb means that the bulb pays for itself in around a matter of six months. Although $30 may not seem like much, if you add up all of the light bulbs in your home, it’s actually quite a significant saving.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

If you’re shopping for new appliances, make sure that you look for the Energy Star label before you commit to making a purchase. Appliances which are certified by Energy Star use between ten and fifty percent less energy than conventional appliances. Although eco-friendly appliances may cost more to buy initially, in the majority of cases they make up the additional cost which you pay to buy them through monthly energy savings.

Programmable Thermostats

If you’re currently leaving the heating on all day so that your home is warm and toasty when you arrive back from work, you’re probably seeing your energy bills mount up. Although nobody wants to come home from work to a freezing house, leaving the heating system on is simply not economical, or good for the environment. However, installing a programmable thermostat is the answer to this problem as it allows you to set specific times for the heating system to be switched on and off. This way, you can schedule the heating system around your day and make sure that your home is always at the perfect temperature for you without wasting any unnecessary energy.

Seal Air Leaks

If there are small gaps around the windows and doors in your home or the weather stripping is coming away, hot air will be escaping from your home and drafts will be getting in, prompting you to turn up the heating system and causing the system to work harder to heat the property. Arrange an energy audit to check for any air leaks in your home and seal them by weather stripping or caulking around doors and windows to keep hot or cool air trapped inside.

Improving your insulation solution can transform your energy bills. But did you know that poorly insulated windows and doors are not the main source of energy loss inside your home. Approximately 30% of the heated air (or the cool air in summer) escapes through your roof, if you have an old structure! It may be worth investigating roofing solutions, from odd repair works to financing your roof if you need a full replacement. In the long term, you could save several thousands dollars on your energy costs!

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    Thanks for this post. Light bulbs really have a big part on energy saving. I will really take a look on this matter. This article is incredibly helpful. Keep on posting. Thanks!

  2. I do everything I can to save money. One of the best things I ever did was the programmable thermostat and sealing up all the windows and doors. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

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