Tips For Fitbit Users


I am addicted to wearing my Fitbit.  I have owned the Flex and the Charge models and am sold on the Charge since I find the band to be more reliable than that of the Flex model.  Several times while wearing the Flex, my band snapped off, but my Fitbit Charge band always stays in place and on my arm.

Charging The Fitbit

I have a Fitbit charger in my bathroom and I charge my Fitbit each time I get into the shower.  That keeps me from wearing it in the water and keeps it charged up.  There’s nothing worse than trying to win a challenge and looking down to see that your Fitbit battery is completely dead and has stopped counting your steps.  At this point, it can make you want to have a seat in the chair until your Fitbit is charged up enough to begin tracking your steps again.  Why do I say this?  I can honestly say that I have been there and have done that on more than one occasion.  I also work online, and when I remember, I will charge my band while I am working at my desk since no steps will be missed at that time.  I also have a Fitbit charger in my car for charging emergencies, but this is not always a great choice of charging locations because I have left it in my car on the charger WAY too many times.

Sleep In It

If you don’t want to miss any steps, then do not take your Fitbit off unless you are charging it or getting into water.  So many times I see people at the gym that are bummed because they forgot to put their Fitbit back on before they left the house that morning.

Set A Step Goal

The Fitbit sets an original 10,000 step goal per day, but feel free to adjust this as needed.  10,000 steps is a great goal for me if it is the weekend, but if it is a day where I plan on getting to the gym, then I go for 13,000 per day.  It feels great to accomplish the goals you set for yourself.  If you are thinking of looking into a step tracking bracelet, I highly suggest that you check out the Fitbit.


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