What To Wear When Your Workplace Suggests “Casual Wear”


If you were just hired on at a business that encourages casual wear daily, please keep in mind that it is just an option.  You can still wear professional clothing!  It actually looks better if you do.

Say you were hired at a liquidation outlet where jeans, shorts, workout clothes, etc., are allowed as “work uniforms.”  The only thing they ask is that you wear their store t-shirt, but even that is not a requirement.  At first, you may think, “oh, cool!  I can wear practically whatever I want!”  Yes, that may be true but how does that reflect on you in the long run?

I have a friend who just got hired at a liquidation outlet and the scenario above is the exact scenario she dealt with on her first day at work.  She contemplated wearing some yoga pants and a t-shirt, but instead she went out and bought some slacks (from the local Goodwill store, still in great shape and cheap!) and wore those with some nice office shoes and the store t-shirt.  She was considered a work-appropriate casual.  While every other worker was in gym clothing and jeans with random t-shirts, she looked comfortable yet professional. That not only makes the store look good, but it makes her look good as an individual and an employee.


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She is hoping to move up in the store eventually and become an assistant manager, so she is trying to dress the part as well!  If you look good, you feel good.  When you feel good, you do good.  My advice to you is that if you are offered a position where comfortable clothes are appropriate when working with the public, do not take advantage of that.  If you have access to nice clothes that go along with the company shirt, wear those!

Photo Credit:  http://makeateeonline.com/

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