Zucchini Bread Recipe


Zucchini Bread has been one of my favorites for years!  My step mom used to make this in bulk.  She would leave a loaf out to eat and would freeze the rest.  I loved eating her Zucchini Bread but never tried making it myself as I knew it was a long process.  Since we live so far away from each other, I need to start making this Zucchini Bread myself, so I grabbed the recipe from my Aunt Linda.  If you’ve never experienced Zucchini Bread, then you definitely need to give this recipe a try!

You can see her favorite Zucchini Bread Recipe below:

2 cups grated zucchini
3 eggs
1 cup oil
2 cups sugar
3 tsp. vanilla
1 {8 oz} can crushed pineapple drained

3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1/2 tea nutmeg
2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp cinnamon
1 cup chopped nuts

Now that you’ve gotten all the ingredients together, it’s time to get started.

Grate the zuchini and set it aside.  Beat the eggs and then add the oil, sugar and vanilla and beat again until your mixture is thick.

Stir in the grated zuchini and the crushed pineapple.  Mix the batter up well.

Combine  the dry ingredients and add in the nuts.  Bake the Zucchini Bread at 350 degrees in two loaf pans for 1 hour.  This is a great recipe, well worth the time!

Photo Credit:  foodimentary.com

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