BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe EASY


pulled pork sandwiches

This Pulled Pork crockpot recipe is so great and easy, that I had to ask to share it on the mom blog.  Roxanne walked me step by step through the 3 ingredient recipe so I could get some great photos to share – enjoy!

Pulled Pork Recipe

You Will Need The Following 3 Ingredients:

  • Pork Shoulder, also called Pork Butt
  • Apple vinegar
  • BBQ Rub

pulled pork BBQ rub

Here’s the BBQ rub that Roxanne used when making her pulled pork.  She placed the pork shoulder in the crockpot and rubbed the BBQ rub all over and underneath the meat ensuring that it was all covered with the rub.

pulled pork ingredients

Once the pork shoulder had been covered with the rub, she poured apple cider vinegar in the bottom of the crockpot in order to add liquid for the meat to cook in.  It looked as though there was about 2 inches of apple cider vinegar inside the crockpot.  In the end, this vinegar will soak into the meat in order to keep it moist and “sink in” the BBQ taste, so think of it as “gravy” in the bottom of your crockpot as you pour.

crockpot pulled pork

Here’s a shot of the pork shoulder as it begins to cook.  This was made at night time and allowed to cook all night long.  You can see that the crockpot is set to cook for 10 hours in the picture.

pulled pork on pan

Once the meat is cooked and falling off the bone when you test it, pull the meat from the crockpot (keep the juice) and place the meat on a cookie sheet. Now remove the bone and shred the meat, once it is shredded put the meat back in the liquid insde the crockpot and allow the meat to soak up juice.

pulled pork sandwiches

Your pulled pork now looks like the photo above.  You can now serve the pulled pork on sandwiches, bread, etc.  This recipe is definitely worth trying!

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