Calorie Counts Shown On Menus


Have you noticed how many restaurants have their calorie counts displayed on their menus?  I LOVE THIS!  I am a calorie counter and love that I can now choose my meals based on the calorie counts of each item.  For the restaurant above, I usually choose a grilled chicken but I can also get a Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap.  With the Grilled Chicken Cool Wrap, it is already cut into halves, so eat one and save the other half for later if you’d like.  It comes in a great snap closure container which makes it ready for the fridge.

Menus that display the calorie counts makes it easy for me to select foods that stay within my daily calorie allowance when I am out and about and need to stop by a fast food restaurant with the kids in between activities.  The menu above splits each item up with the calorie count for the entree alone and the calorie count for the full meal which includes the french fries.   My kids usually don’t want the french fries, so we just order the entrees and usually have our own drinks in the car with us.


I think it is great that calorie counts are being shown.  We should all be aware of this information when we are ordering food from a restaurant.  One of my favorite places to go where the calorie counts are displayed is Panda Express.  I can get a meal with items that I love for under 400 calories and still be able to leave the restaurant satisfied.  I always get Mushroom Chicken and Broccoli Beef which comes to 320 calories of Mmmmmm!

Do you use calorie counts when selecting your meal choices?

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