Add A Citronella Candle To Your Night

citronella patio

I love my Jewelry In Candles line and just ordered the Citronella candle for my porch since the Texas weather is perfect for enjoying the night out on the back porch. You can read about their Citronella Candles by clicking:

Even better – these candles also come with a piece of hidden jewelry inside!  You can choose between a necklace, earrings or a ring at checkout.

citronella night

Here’s a shot of my citronella candle in the dark from atop my back porch table.  I tried it out last night as we all enjoyed the night time Texas air.

Ryan night pool

Have a look at the kids.  We all had a great time last night.  This was the perfect way to start out Spring Break.  The weather was great for a night outdoors and the day was perfect for a jump in the pool.  The water was a little chilly but we turned on the pool heater so we’re good to go for today’s swimming we’ve got planned.

Bobby Hula Hoop

We even had some hula hoop fun.  Bobby is a hula hoop master and times himself.  As for me, there’s no need to get your timer ready when it’s my turn to hula hoop!  How long has it been since you’ve tried your hand at the hula hoop?  My mom was also a hula hoop master, I guess it skips a generation….lol

Have you spent a night out on your porch lately?  Enjoying the night air last night makes me want to grill out, turn on the outdoor radio and plan another night out with the family.

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