Dad’s Visiting – Electrical Projects In Progress

Home Depot

Last summer, we tackled a major kitchen remodel and Dad came to visit in the beginning stages for the electrical part of the kitchen.  The remodel took the entire summer and Dad, an electrician, is now back to see the finished project and to make the finishing electrical touches.  Here we are on one of our many Home Depot shopping trips.  This shopping mission was for upgrading the garage lighting.  We’re moving from old four foot flourescent lighting to bright eight foot lights.

Rocky lights car

Well, now I know that my car can handle an eight foot load!  I would have taken my husband’s truck to the store, but I thought we were buying four foot lighting, suprise! These eight foot lights went right through the area from my trunk, through the arm rest and right up on top of my gear shift.

garage lighting

Here’s a shot of the old garage lights, we’re tearing these out and replacing seven single four foot lights with three eight foot lights.  Our garage is going to be lit up quite nicely!

Bobbie Desk Lights

I couldn’t wait to get this lighting added under my cabinets!  I like to work early mornings and late nights and the extra light is a huge plus!  I used to have a small flourescent light above my desk before the kitchen renovation but lost it once the cabinets were replaced.  I ordered two LED strip lights and they are awesome!  They were so bright that at first I thought I may need a dimmer switch for them.

Rocky undercabinet lighting

Now for the under cabinet receptacles.  It’s a great way to hide your plugs and keep your backsplash design in tact. Thank you Dad!
kitchen plugs remodel

Look up and you can see one of the under cabinet plugs.  This was the last one to be installed, now the kitchen electrical projects are complete!

For today, we finish up the garage and tackle the game room light!  Upgrading / remodeling can be a huge task but it is so rewarding! What is the last upgrade you tackled in your home?

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