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My boys would both have a great time at a Digital Media Academy summer camp!  Right now our family is getting started on a new adventure in the car wash business and we are getting ready to order the pay stations.  Before the pay stations can be set up, there are many options to choose from and one of them is the option to include your own videos for the customer for them to view during the check out process.  There are several videos that need to be made for the pay station set up and my boys are really itching to be involved.  They both like to take videos on their cell phone cameras and they would love to learn more about filmmaking, technology and more so they can help with the pay station upgrade process in the future.

These Digital Media Academy tech Summer Camps fill up quickly so make sure you check into this opportunity camp soon.  If you register by March 31, 2016, you will save $100 off the camp fee with the following code:  CR8TECH16

Digital Media Academy, also called DMA, is open to kids/teens age 6-17.  Graphic design, 3D modeling, robotics, filmmaking, app development, computer programming and more is offered each session.  When signing up, you can choose from a one week summer session or a two week session. Hands on experience is a great learning tool and DMA offers campers a fun experience creating projects using hardware and software from companies like Apple, Adobe, Canon and more.


DMA also offers a camp just for girls, called Made By Girls.  Female role models teach the session in a creative, girl environment.  Interested in checking this out?  Go to to find the DMA summer camp in your area.  Feel free to reach out by calling 1(866)656-3342 or emailing

Interested in saving on camp fees?

If you register by March 31, 2016, you will save $100 off the camp fee with the following code:  CR8TECH16


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