Dyslexia Parent Meeting At School

My youngest has dyslexia and has improved so much since the school diagnosed him last year in the middle of second grade.  He receives dsylexia training on a daily basis during the school day and can now read on his grade level.  I am so proud of him for trying so hard!  Awhile back the school offered a dyslexia meeting for the parents.  The meeting was packed with a great turnout and was very informative.  They showed us short movies and went through slides with information for us.  Be sure to watch the video below, it is a great one for kids to watch and to inform parents as well.

In the video, Henry Winkler mentions the Hank Zipzer books which I feel would be great for my son.  These books are also available in audio format as well, but my son is bound and determined to read everything himself and will not listen to an audio book.  Since the first book in this series is only 144 pages, it sounds like a great book to add to our must read list.  Since reading is hard for him, he’s not a big fan of it but maybe if we can find books that he can connect with, maybe he can begin to uncover the “fun” of reading.

We were told to check into www.LearningAlly.org which would allow the reader to be able to listen to books on phones, etc.  We were told to speak to someone at our school in the dyslexia department in order to aquire the school passwork for this program.

The meeting also discussed foreign languages that are needed for college admission.  They said that Spanish could be very hard for a student with dsylexia but Latin, German or sign language would be a great alternative if it is accepted by the college and offered at your school.

Hopefully some of this info has been helpful to your situation.  If you don’t have time to read through everything right now, be sure to take time to watch the video above.

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