Easy Spring Crafts To Enjoy With Your Kids

Spring is here, and it is the best season for crafting.  After all, who doesn’t love cheerful pastels, fresh blooms and adorable little bunnies?  This year, add some extra excitement to your springtime crafting sessions by getting your kids involved.  Creating beautiful spring décor is a great way to teach your kids some crafting skills while bonding as a family.  From festive door decorations to awesome egg art, here are the top craft projects you have got to try with your kids this spring.


Create a Colander Planter

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Old colanders make ideal planters because they allow for the water to run directly out and to the ground so overwatering is never a problem.  They also add a lovely touch of country chic charm to your home, and you can choose any color you want to complement your patio or garden.  To make a colander planter, all you need to do is add twine to the handles and tie it in the center for hanging.  You can choose to leave the colander as is, or you can have your kids help you paint it a beautiful spring hue.  Then, line the inside with sheet moss and add some potting soil along with your choice of plants.  Pansies and ferns work especially well in these hanging containers.

Repurpose Boots Into Door Décor

Coming up with new ideas for springtime wreaths every year can be a bit of a challenge.  If you are tired of the typical plastic eggs and flowers that everyone else will be hanging, then why not do something that will make your house stand out from the rest.  Ask your child to give you their worn out boots from last year, and help them attach grommets to the back.  Then, insert a plastic vase into each boot, and let your child create a beautiful spring floral arrangement.  Finally, loop some grosgrain ribbon through the grommets and hang it from a door hook.  Your ingenuity and kid’s creativity will be the talk of the neighborhood.  This would make the perfect bouquet for rodeo season in Texas.



Dyeless Egg Decorating

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If your kids are over the traditional egg dyeing activity, then now is the perfect time to introduce new elements to a favorite family craft.  For example, you can use ribbons to decorate a Styrofoam egg.  Simply use straight pins or glue to create ruffles, tucks and folds with rows of different colors.  Alternatively, you can help your kids apply colorful tissue paper squares or patterned napkins to plastic eggs using Modge Podge.  The best part about these eggs is that they never spoil, so they can be hidden and re-hid as many times as your kids want to keep hunting.

Make Giveaway Bouquets

Between Easter, Mother’s Day and May Day, spring is full of holidays when you can teach your kids the joy of giving.  To create simple bouquets that make a big impression, gather offray ribbon in a variety of patterns.  This year, chevron, polka dots and glitter hues are sure to be a hit.  Then, help your child tie the ribbon around mason jars.  This is a great activity for teaching your child the many techniques for bow making, or you could keep it simple.  Once you have made your vase, fill it with blooms, and get ready to watch your favorite people’s eyes light up with surprise.

Spring is all about appreciating the beauty of nature, and it is important to teach your kids a few crafting skills that will help them beautify the environment.  Spring crafts are also a great way to while away an hour or two during those lovely April showers.  This year, you can use these easy projects to jumpstart your kid’s creativity while making awesome works of art that will amaze your family and friends.

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