She Found Someone To Clean Her Apartment

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A friend of mine is having trouble breathing and the doctors are trying to find something that will alleviate this. But meanwhile–she can’t clean her apartment. The dust and the cat fur are accumulating along with lots of other stuff which is making matters much worse. She manages to do a little bit then has to sit—-this obviously isn’t getting much done. She told me she called one of those housekeeping services-the ones where they bring all their own equipment–but the price was sky high-no way could she afford that!! She was speaking to one of her neighbors about the problem. Well that neighbor got on the internet and within a couple of hours had five people looking for housekeeping jobs! She promised she’d tell me how it goes. The price was certainly much better!! She was just thrilled with finding someone so quickly at such a great rate.

When she asked where her neighbor had put up ads to get that kind of response she was told–oh on the garage type sale facebook groups. Never heard of those-neither did my friend. It seems they are kind of like a garage sale but also have need jobs / want jobs as well. They are location specific. Sounds like a good way to get rid of all that stuff you have hanging around as well. She researched online garage sale websites and there are a lot of them. Be sure to add your city to the search – happy hunting!

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