Highschool National Honor Society Fundraiser

My son is a member of the highschool Science National Honor Society and is now selling flowers to reach a fund raising goal.  So far the Science NHS has raised $334 and their goal is to hit $750 before the end date of the fundraiser on March 25, 2016.  For every purchase that is made on this flower selling website, my son’s highschool Science National Honor Society will receive 50% profit back to their organization for their scholarship fund.


I think this is a great way for the highschool science club to raise money.  It’s the perfect time of the year to start putting together your flower beds and especially a great time to purchase plants when you know it is for a good cause.  I always purchase from kids who come to our door selling for organizations, schools, etc.  I am much happier buying flowers for the yard than I am when I end up buying tons of cookies, frozen desserts and then end up eating it all quicker than I should have.


This past weekend we worked in the flower beds and I have a few ideas for some of these plants.  I have a cowboot planter than needs plants as well as a few empty pots in my flower beds.  I have went through the fundraising website and have selected flowers that would work for our beds.  The website gives details such as:  spacing, height, hardy zones, blooming times, shade/sun, good for cutting, deer resistance and if the flowers are fragrant.  Since I am not always up to date on the different types of flowers, this information is perfect for my online flower shopping needs.


If you could use some flowers, we’d really appreciate your purchase.  As mentioned above, 50% of all orders go to the highschool Science National Honor Society scholarship fund.  They are even offering a $10 fresh veggie garden mix.

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