How Do You Fragrance Your Home?

JIC tart in warmer

Do you love the scent and ambience of candles but have a beloved pet that makes it virtually impossible to light one–even if you are in the midst of a power failure? Well I know a couple of people like that! One in particular says she has lots of decorative candles that she just could not pass up (there are a lot of them out there!) but they are essentially dust collectors if she doesn’t find them on the floor somewhere. You see, her cat—well lets put this in as gentle a way as possible–pushes things out of the way onto the floor if the spot she wants to occupy is occupied by some object–and in a rather forceful manner. Just imagine what might happen if a lit candle was in the way and the human was in a different room—FIRE!! And she said she had a friend who had an Irish Setter with a very happy tail–and a strong one. Things used to go flying in all directions whenever that tail started wagging which was all the time. No lit candles in that house either. Okay–so candles are out–but you still want those pleasing aroma’s to drift through your personal space–what’s a pet owner to do?

JIC candle suprise

There are alot of ceramic diffusers on the market, plug in warmers or the smaller nightlight type warmers.  I am partial to the smaller nightlight type warmers for the bathrooms and areas where the plug ins are located up higher on the wall.  I don’t recommend using the nightlight warmers in plug ins that are located near the floor because they are easily bumped by people, animals, vaccums, etc.  which can cause a huge mess.

JIC candle necklace jewelry

I sell JewelryInCandles and they have a great line of soy wax tarts that work great in the warmers.  Their tarts last a long time and come with a suprise piece of jewelry.  When ordering, you have the chance to select a necklace, ring (different sizes available) or earrings.  These make great gifts as not everyone has experienced pulling a piece of jewelry from their candle or wax tart inside their warmers.

How do you choose to fragrance your home?

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