How to Staycation

Staycations come in all shapes and forms, but however you choose to relax, sometimes taking a vacation is absolutely necessary. Maybe work has been a black cloud hanging over you head recently, or maybe your schedule has gotten so busy you can’t even remember why you’re doing what you do. These are examples of situations when it might be time for a staycation. First, a general definition: a staycation is exactly the same as taking a vacation, except you don’t travel. Even less stressful! Sometimes I don’t even leave my bed during a staycation!

If you’re a rookie staycationer, here are some helpful tips for your first staycation:

  • Set the Mood: there aren’t many things you must do during a staycation, however one of them is set the mood. Light a candle, shut the door, hide all the laundry you need to do, whatever it takes to get yourself into a new frame of mind. And while you’re at it, also…
  • Ditch Your Schedule: your normal weekend would probably be full of obligations. Cleaning the bathroom, kids activities, birthday dinners to attend, etc. Ditch your schedule for two days, it won’t kill you I promise! Just allow yourself to breathe for a bit and allow yourself time to…
  • Indulge Yourself: Whatever that means to you. Treat yo’self to all your favorite things, order pizza, soak in your tub, watch a good movie, call up an old friend, visit your favorite place in your city, or just take a nap. Or two. Whatever it is, as long as it feels good to you! And I guarantee you will feel better come Monday morning!
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