It’s Spring Break This Week

Has Spring Break hit your house yet?  It’s in full swing over here at our house.  We’ve played at several parks, swam in the pool, hit the video games, played basketball, washed cars, watched movies and just enjoyed the time away from school.
Bobby Ryan pool

Yes, the water was cold, but the boys were excited about the warm Texas weather.  So after they had enough of the cold water, they hopped in the hot tub to warm up a bit.  Thank goodness the previous owners added in a pool heater.   After testing out the cool water, we decided to turn the pool heater on for a bit to get it warmed up for a bit so it would be perfect for the rest of Spring Break.

Bobby Ryan boat pool

And once both of the boys were water logged from the cool water and the hot tub, it was time to pull out the inflatable boat from last year.  There’s nothing like cruising around the pool in a fun boat for two!  What kind of plans do you have for Spring Break?  Do you usually travel or do you stay home?  On top of the fun we have at the house, we also like to go fishing.  All of this can be done real close to home which makes for a perfect fun filled week away from school. Before we know it, Easter will be here which means more time off from school and great opportunities for more family fun.

Enjoy the kids while you can, they sure do grow up quick!

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