Looking For The Perfect Gift?



Certain people can be impossible to shop for.  Your friend’s friend whose birthday dinner you’re going to but you don’t really know her.  Your nephew who just turned fourteen and probably doesn’t want toys anymore.  Your brother who already has everything he appears to want or need.  Lucky for you, all these situations have been taken care of thanks to my very basic formula.

There are three things all people love: cash, food, and things that smell good.

Cash: doesn’t have to be impersonal!  Put some money in a heartfelt note, fold it origami style, or add it to a smaller gift from the category below to put a little something extra in a gift.  It may seem like an easy road out, and that’s because it is!  However don’t be ashamed to give a gift you know the other person will love.

Food: secondly, literally everyone loves food.  If you’re shopping for a man, he probably likes barbeque and beer.  If you’re shopping for a yoga teacher, she probably likes exotic teas and healthy granola.  If you’re shopping for anyone, give them some gourmet popcorn!  These things are so darn good, come in so many unique packages, and make such a simple gift: http://hmsgp.mybigcommerce.com/#a_aid=munseyspopcorn

JIC candle necklace jewelry

Things that smell good: finally, everyone also loves things that smell good.  While this category can be somewhat tricky when shopping for men (some guys recoil from the notion that they could actually smell good) this formula still applies.  Lotions, candles, linen sprays, hand soaps, are all always welcome gifts because they are gifts that keep on giving. Jewelry candles can especially be a gift that keeps on giving, check some out here: https://www.jewelryincandles.com/store/bobbieanne

Top Photo Credit: clarityfitnessnj.com

Don’t get stressed, just follow this simple formula and your next tricky recipient will love your gift!



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