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Agent Orange

My dad was in Vietnam in one of the areas where the highest amount of Agent Orange was sprayed before my parents were married.  Once back in the states and trying to have a family, Agent Orange came back to haunt him.  My parents tried to start a family only to have many pregnancy altercations.  Sadly, my mother had many devastating miscarriages before I came along and again after I was born.  My parents wanted a child so badly and for those of you who have experienced the inability to have a child, you know how heart breaking this can be.

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My parents decided that if they couldn’t bring their own child into this world, then they would love to adopt a child and raise them as their own.  They went to the church in hopes of qualifing for an infant adoption and was in line to get a baby boy that was to be born in September, 1974.  At this time, my mother was also pregnant with me, but given their past track record, my parent’s couldn’t be sure that I would survive.  August of 1974, I was born, a healthy, happy baby girl.  They were ecstatic and let the adoption agency know that I had been delivered so that they baby boy could be given to the next family on the adoption waiting list.

As I was told this story as a child, I always wondered why my parents didn’t take that baby boy too.  After all, I would’ve had a brother that was less then a month younger than me that I could have grown up with.  Now that I am an adult, I know exactly why my parents chose not to adopt the baby that to be theirs in September of 1974.  They were first time parents and still had lots to learn about raising a baby, let alone raising two of them at once.

Jessie & Bobbie Easter

Me and My Little Sister on Easter Morning

After I was born, my parents continued to try for another baby so that I would have a sister or brother in my life.  After five years of trying, another baby was born healthy, followed by another miscarriage which pushed the decision to stop having children into my parent’s minds.  Two children is an excellent number and two healthy children is even better.  I too had pregnancy complications and now have two healthy, happy boys that I am so thankful for.

For those that want a child in their life, but cannot have their own, adoption should definitely be brought into the picture.  My neighbor tried and tried for a baby and a year ago, she and her husband started going through an infant adoption process and now have the cutest little girl.  They are so proud of her and give her so much love and attention.  I am so happy for their family and their new addition.  Their story of heartache and need for a child turned out to be the best love story ever!  She was even thinking of writing a book over their experience, but that was before she learned how much time would be needed for a first time mom to juggle work and home while getting a routine into place. Writing her book can always wait, but raising a child and becoming a parent is a true gift that we are given that always takes priority.

Do you have questions about the adoption process?  Click “Adoptive Family FAQs” for more info from an online adoption agency that I found online.

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