Norwex Stain Remover Lifted Ink Pen From Jeans!

Ink stain Jeans Norwex

My husband came home from work with the above ink pen stain on his jeans.  I figured the stain couldn’t be removed since ink pen stains aren’t my specialty.  I started selling Norwex awhile back and had someone tell me how impressed they were with the stain remover so I set the jeans aside and ordered the Norwex stain remover so I could give it a try.  Of course the directions said to work on the stain while it was fresh and I had set these jeans aside for almost a week before attempting to do anything with the stain.

Norwex Stain Jeans removed

Below is a shot of the jeans after they came out of the washer and the entire ink stain is gone!  I am very impressed with this.  I wish I had tried this stain remover before now, it definitely does the trick!

Norwex stain info

Here you can see the instructions for this Norwex stain remover.  This is going in the laundry room and I will definitely be ordering another bottle once it gets down to the bottom.  There are tons of Norwex products I have yet to try, but so far, I have really liked the products I have bought.  The kitchen dish towels are great and have a nice appearance and the window cloth is just awesome.  Here’s a post I wrote about how the window cloth helped me out at the house: Everyone Needs A Norwex Window Cloth.

Next Norwex order I plan on trying the toothbrush and the Norwex Lint Cloth for all those dog hairs that love to float around this time of the year.

If you’d like to order any Norwex, send me an email and we’ll get your order placed.

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