SCWA at Car Wash Convention: Dallas, TX

carwash convention cloths

This year was our second time attending the SCWA Car Wash Convention in Dallas, Texas.  Last year we were still in the very beginning process of our car wash planning and attended this convention in Dallas and met many people.  This year we were geared up for this convention.  We were headed there to meet new contacts, check out new products available for vending, watch mat cleaner demonstrations and choose pay station options.

This convention is full of different vendors who give out samples of their products in hopes to receive orders in the future.  Above you’ll see a few of the items that we picked up to test out.  Our car wash will have a vending area where these types of products will be used and as a product reveiwer, I can’t wait to put these to the test.  The leather cleaner is going on my car seats soon and I am putting the microfiber towels in each of our vehicles.  We  also received car air freshners which my kids were quick to grab up.  They like to use those in their rooms and test them out in my car to find their favorite scents.

The car wash business is a new adventure for my family, one that we are all looking forward to.  This summer our car wash will be up and running and we can’t wait to get started.  Designing the building, parking lot, vending programs, etc. is a lot of fun.  It will be great to see it all come together and in place for our summer grand opening.  We update our GFY Express Car Wash Facebook page as progress is made on our lot.  We’d love to have you tune in and watch us grow!

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