Tips For Shoppers On Being Polite


One of my friends just started working at a liquidation outlet and was telling me all about her day at work.  I mentioned that she should write about it on the blog, so here’s her liquidation outlet tip for the day:

When we shop at liquidation outlets or stores with a weird pricing system, we tend to walk right up to the cashier and ask them to explain what is going on.  This also tends to happen while the cashier is counting out someone else’s items or trying to ring them up.  Not only is this frustrating to the customer they are currently helping, but it can be frustrating to the cashier as well.

When you walk into a liquidation outlet, you will most likely step right in front of a sign explaining the store policies and guidelines as well as the pricing for the day.  If you take just a few minutes before grabbing your basket to read the signs posted, you will already have a better understanding of how the store works.

In big stores like that, you will probably find two or three cashiers at the front of the store and two or three workers walking the floor, cleaning up messes and getting rid of trash and empty boxes.  If you are able to, try to ask the floor associates your questions first.  They will have the time to answer them without taking time away from someone else.  If they do not know the answer, they will direct you to the person who does.  If they happen to direct you to the cashier, kindly stand in line and wait until you are at the register to ask your question.

When we interrupt a cashier doing a job, we may ruin the shopping experience for everyone else in line because we are causing the cashier to lose focus on their current task and they may have to start all over again and that can be very frustrating for everyone!  Manners are not very common these days – set an example the next time you go shopping somewhere that requires cashier to do more than just scan items.

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