Treat Vein Disorders Before Losing Weight


Reasons Why You Should Treat Vein Disorders Before Losing Weight

According to the CDC, roughly a third of Americans are obese, but many of them want to do something about it by slimming down and shedding excess pounds.  The problem, however, is when obese individuals also suffer with vein disorders, such as thrombosis, phlebitis, or varicose veins.  These vein disorders create extra challenges when it comes to losing weight, so it is better to have the veins treated prior to losing the weight. Continue reading to learn more.

Reduce the Level of Fatigue You Experience

You are more likely to experience legs that feel achy when you suffer with vein disorders like varicose veins, and this could inhibit you from being able to achieve an activity level that will help you effectively lose weight.  So if you struggle with leg fatigue even if you are just walking for a bit, you can make your legs feel stronger and lighter by having varicose veins removed by a vascular doctor.  Once your legs feel better, you will be more motivated, as well as physically able, to pursue a strong workout routine.

Be Able to Enjoy More Forms of Exercise

Some people are under the impression that their vein problems will go away with a bit of exercise, but the truth is that they will not.  Even though your circulatory system will benefit on a whole from increased levels of physical activity, there are certain exercises that will actually put an additional strain on your veins.

Running can damage your veins more, particularly when you run on the wrong surface.  And weightlifting can also put additional strain on veins that are already problematic.  By working with a doctor who can treat your vein disorders, you can learn about the exercises you should avoid until your veins are gone.  And once they are treated, you can pursue all those forms of fitness that you had to avoid.

You May Find Other Dangerous Problems

When you visit a reputable vein doctor for a consultation, they will thoroughly exam your veins and try to determine if there are any other dangerous conditions that need to be treated.  And the great news is that they will use non-invasive, modern technology to do so.

This is important because, as one example, it may be found that you have a dangerous blood clot.  Conditions like Deep Vein Thrombosis can result in Pulmonary Embolism, which could be life threatening. Before you even start an exercise program, you should determine if you have Deep Vein Thrombosis, as the clot could otherwise break away and enter an artery.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should treat vein disorders prior to losing weight.  In addition to finding out if there are other health risks as a result of those veins, having them treated prior to starting a workout routine could help reduce and eliminate fatigue.  Plus, you will be able to pursue additional types of workouts once your vein disorders have been treated because they will no longer present a risk.

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