Are Your Shorts Tight? — Mine Are!


I let my guard down on my food intake and here I am, living in Texas with warm weather upon me and last year’s shorts too tight to wear in public.  Does this sound familiar?  Has it happened to you?  If so, it’s ok, we’ve still got time to gain control of our food intake, drink more water and get moving in order to burn more calories.  I sell Advocare and know exactly how to drop this weight, now I just have to DO IT!

Since I really want to be able to wear these “too small, too tight shorts” soon, I decided to wear them around the house today to remind myself to stay in control so that I can drop weight and wear them soon.  The day was going by just fine until there was a knock at the door.  Uh oh!  I had to answer the door but made sure to keep my body inside so they couldn’t see me in those shorts!  That would have been very embarrassing!  I never intended on seeing anyone today while I wore my “too tight shorts” inside my house so the knock at the door was a HUGE suprise.

So far I have lost a few pounds this week and am working on dropping a few more.  Hopefully I will be able to at least wear these shorts out to get the mail in a few days.  Are you working on dropping some weight before Summer hits? Did you set an attainable goal for yourself?  If you set the goal too high, it is very easy to give up and fall off track.  Make sure to set the goal just high enough to make you work to achieve it and low enough that it is achievable.  Once you hit that goal, make yourself a new one and KEEP GOING!

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