“Bulk” Shopping At Costco

We opened a Costco account to use for our office supplies and vending machines at our future GFY Carwash location.  I have never been one to buy food at the bulk item locations, but I am all for it when it comes to non-expiring goods as long as I have a good storage place for them.  I’ve only been to Costco a few times and I was always in a rush, so I didn’t have time to really check this store out until the other day.

I went through the store, isle by isle, comparing prices to those of my grocery stores on items such as kitchen garbage bags, toilet paper and paper towels.  I found many items with rebates and was quite happy with the pricing.  Check out my car above, I definitely like the plain water which comes to about .09 per bottle.  Then the paper goods were also a good buy, especially since they were rebated at the register.


As far as these cookies, the pricing image above shows that each bag of cookies comes to .24 and my son loves to share these with his class for parties, snacks for after school and also likes to carry them in his lunches.  I also wanted to try these cookies out in hopes of using them to stock our outdoor vending unit at our carwash which is set to open this summer.


Look, I even found some shirts for me that were about $12.  They have a cute zipper on the side that could hold your keys, a few dollars, etc.  I bought two of these and am thrilled with them.  I think Costco shopping is wearing off on me, so I’ll be back soon to check them out again, isle by isle!

Do you shop at a bulk discount store?  If so, what purchases do you make on a regular basis?

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