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Summer is almost upon us.  Do you have plans for your children?  Don’t let the summertime blues kick in, make sure your children are active and have plans for the summer.  Digital Media Academy Tech Summer Camps accept children from age 6 – 17.  DMA offers programs for their camps that focus on app development, 3D modeling, graphic design, computer programming, filmmaking and more.  Face it, technology is growing quickly and we need to prepare our children for this world.  Think of your parents for a minute, how comfortable do they feel on a computer.  Are they comfortable with paying bills online or knowledgable when it comes to using computer programs such as Word or Quicken? I know I would personally like to attend one of these camps.  I definitely could use a great graphic design class and it would be so much fun!

DMA offers different types of camps.  You can choose to send your child to a week DMA camp or select one of the two week camps at a DMA Academy.  Either way, campers will get hands-on experience with up to date hardware and software from companies such as Adobe, Cannon and Apple. Digital Media Academy also offers a special camp just for girls called “Made by Girls” which is led by a female tech professional.

$50 Promo Code Offer

If DMA is a camp that catches your interest, make sure to look into it and sign up by April 30, 2016 in order to save $50 on registration fees.  Use the following code for this savings offer:  CR8TECH16

You can easily locate the DMA camp nearest you by heading over to  Feel free to call the staff with any questions at 1(866)656-3342 or email

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