Do You Use Outdoor Vending Machines?

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Carwash Supply Vending Options

Our GFY Express Carwash is being built and plans are being made for this summer’s opening.  Everyone is excited and working on different aspects of the business preparation.  I am working on promotions and am currently looking into stocking the perfect outdoor vending machines.  It is VERY hot in Texas, so drink machines are a MUST and of course, I need good snack options for both employees and customers.  I am always happy to find a machine with healthy snacking options, but I also must remember, that there are those that aren’t as happy with the healthy options as I am.  Some are thrilled to find the chocolate bars and chips after a stressful day on the road or at work.

Yesterday I spent the day researching different vending machine options.  I learned that not all vending machines are made to be placed outside and that some vending machine owners aren’t fond of the combo (snack/drink) machines.  Our machines will be placed outside where the customers can easily access them as they get out of their cars to operate the vaccum systems.  The kids and I talked about the most popular flavors of Gatorade and what items they would choose if hungry and in front of a vending machine.  My nine year old said he would always go for a water and a pack of Cheezits.  My fifteen year old said water and a package of peanut butter & crackers.  They also said they felt that blue and purple were their friend’s favorite Gatorade flavors and the nine year old said we should also supply apple juice for younger kids.

If you were to stock an outdoor vending machine what are a few items that you would want to offer?


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