GFY Good For You Carwash Progress

GFY billboard

We’re so excited to see our new billboards in place.  We have two of these nearby the GFY Express Carwash location in Spring TX and it feels great to see these as we drive by.  We have been working on many things behind the scenes so it’s definitely time to see the progress of our work efforts.

GFY dozer lot

As far as our GFY Express Carwash location on 20615 Kuykendahl Rd. Spring, TX 77379, you can see a shot above.  The crew is busy getting the lot ready for the last of the concrete and then on to work on the building which is set to arrive mid May and will be hauled to the location in thirteen semi trucks and we can’t wait!  Thirteen semi trucks is HUGE!  The building was made at another location and will be pieced together before the equipment is added, then it should come together much quicker. You can follow GFY Express Carwash on Facebook in order to see all our updated pictures.

We will be hiring this summer and training our employees in the preparation stages before we open our doors to the public.  My husband has added many “bells and whistles” to this carwash and can’t wait to see the finished product. He even added an awesome light show that is being created right now.  So many children are scared of the noises made from driving through the carwash, but this light show and colored soap should bring smiles and laughter when they visit GFY Express Carwash.  We even have extended weekend hours so the light show can be enjoyed later on into the evenings.

Have a great week everyone!

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