Give Away Unwanted Items

concrete blocks

We had used the concrete blocks above and the bricks in the picture below to put together an area behind our home in the greenbelt where we could enjoy our firepit on cool evenings.  Our temporary patio area was discovered and we were told that we would be fined unless we removed our temporary fire area.  In order to show that we were following the rules.  We threw all the concrete blocks into one area and have been trying to find good ways to get rid of them.  In my eyes, they were just another great hiding spot for snakes, so they really needed to go.

outside bricks

The bricks were easily picked up and moved, but what do you do with so many of them when you need to get rid of them?

Concrete blocks car

Check out the car above!  I put an online ad on a local website and offered all the blocks and bricks for free to the first person who came by to pick them up.  I couldn’t believe it, I had about ten emails from people wanting these blocks and I had been wanting to get rid of for months now!  Too bad I hadn’t thought about placing this ad earlier.

bricks in car

The lady who came by to pick these up was just thrilled!  She said she lived on a five acre farm and had many flower beds where she could use these.  The kids and I used the wheelbarrow to load all of these into her car.  I felt bad because alot of the bricks were muddy and it was causing a huge mess in her car but she was thrilled and not bothered at all by the dirt and mud that came along with all the bricks.

Do you have items in or around your home that you would like to get rid of?  Have you offered them to anyone for free?

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