Houston Texas Flooding


We are extremely lucky to live in an area that doesn’t get hit with flooding.  We have had tons of rain over the last two days with school being cancelled by today and yesterday.  Above you will see a shot from our front door.  This was as bad as it got at our house while other area homes are taking in water and people have lost their lives in the flood waters.  There are many areas that are shut down and many areas that are still taking on water.

I have received many emails from friends that are watching the Texas storms on television and want to say thank you for checking in on our family.  We appreciate you thinking of us at a time like this.  Hopefully the rain will stay away and the dangerous areas will dry up soon.  There are many people who had to evacuate their homes and have lost everything in the flood.  Please keep these people in your prayers.

For the most part, storms do not worry us unless there is a mention of a hurricane.  At that point, we stay on track of the hurricane’s position and watch it carefully.  We have left our home in the past when a major hurricane was on the way.  We had a generator and a friend who chose to hunker down and wait out the storm who came by and connected the generator which saved all our food until we made it back home.  We could have stayed here throughout that hurricane but we had never experienced anything like that before since my husband and I both grew up in Kentucky so we thought it was best to take our family out of the hurricane’s path until it was safe to come back home.

Storms can be devastating and affect many families.  If you know a family who has been affected by flooding, hurricane, tornado, etc. be sure to reach out to them and ask how you can help.  They may tell you that they are fine, but they may also need you right now, so it’s always best to take the time to offer your help in times like this.

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