Is Mom Direct About Saving Money?


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When it comes to mom, she is oftentimes the one member of the household who knows how to save money. Whether it is cutting down on electric bills, saving money at the store, finding good deals on home improvements, mom is the one coming through time and time again with savings. So, what can mom do to lower the charges families pay to enjoy television?

Research Providers and Get the Best Deal

To start out with, doing one’s research both in-person and on the Internet can lead to savings. For moms with many friends and family members, begin by asking them which cable or satellite providers they’ve gone with over the years. Certainly during recent times, more and more individuals and families have opted to cut back on their television viewing selections in order to save some money. In doing so, they’ve typically asked around to see which provider offers the best deals. Turn to those you know to do likewise.

Moms should ask friends and family how they’ve gone about saving money by looking at:

  • Did they end up losing a bunch of channels just to save a few or more dollars?
  • Were they offered savings if they threatened to leave one provider and go to another one?
  • Was there any change in the level of customer service after making such a switch in channels and paying less money for cable or satellite?
  • Would they make the change again if given the choice?

In the end, moms (and their families) need to look at the overall savings in dropping channels, along with the overall happiness now in getting fewer channels for less money. Another option to turn to is the Internet (both for helpful information and possibly meeting one’s other needs).

As for the helpful information portion of the matter, many cable and satellite providers are active on the Internet, both with their websites and in social media. Whether you turn to Bright House Cable or one of the other options out there, look to see what useful information such providers have available on the ‘net.

In doing so, look to see if their websites provide the following:

  • Details on what packages are best suited for those families (and individuals) hoping to save some money;
  • Whether or not subscribers have to buy into a long-term contract deal;
  • If the level of variety will be as good as what one has now should they choose a less expensive package;
  • Can new subscribers add more features over time without paying exorbitant fees?

Moms also can look at whether or not a new provider will offer a package deal with the Internet included. As it turns out, many providers offers bundled services, allowing customers to package their television and Internet needs. In the end, packaging such services can lead to more financial savings for mom and her family. Speaking of the Internet, also look to use social media in seeing if you can ultimately save money by changing your current cable or satellite provider. With the explosion of social media in recent years, it is not uncommon to see many companies using the world of social networking to promote their products and services. Moms can go to the Facebook and Twitter pages (even Instagram can be an option) of cable and satellite providers to see if they are promoting any deals etc. Social media is also a good forum for moms to catch wind of what other consumers are saying about their television provider purchasing decisions.

Look to see if the following is happening:

  • Providers are offering special deals when customers sign-up via the Internet;
  • Consumers are using social media to tell of their experiences with cable and satellite providers. Oftentimes, consumers will talk about such experiences on social sites like a Facebook or Twitter. Whether good or bad, they will share their experiences to alert other consumers to what is going on;
  • Companies are responding in a professional manner to those posts they receive from consumers. If companies are not being professional with such responses, it may give you pause to go with them moving forward.

For moms, running the household can seem like a television drama itself sometimes. Take advantage of all the consumer information that is out there and be direct about saving money for you and your loved ones.

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