Giveaway ENDS 5/30


Have you heard of  Right now they are holding a few giveaways on their site that are worth your time to check out. One of these giveaways will reward one lucky, randomly drawn winner a $100 Amazon gift card from Help Fund A Veteran.  This giveaway was set up to help military veterans to get started or sustain the business of their dreams.  Make sure you enter this giveaway by clicking HERE. is giving away a second $100 Amazon gift card as well.  This giveaway was set up to benefit the Colonial Flag Foundation.  You can enter this giveaway by clicking HERE.

Both of the giveaways above will end on May 30, 2016.  They are both benefiting great causes so make sure you enter each one.  Just think, what would you do with your winnings if you were to win a $100 gift card.  Summer is on the way. Would you buy something to brighten your summer?  I know I have been thinking alot about my back porch and how great it would be to pick up some new lawn chairs.  Now that you’re thinking about how you would spend this Amazon gift card if you were to win, make sure to enter all of the giveaways on the LittleCloudVentures site if you have  time.  Remember, the more you enter, the more you increase your odds of winning and everyone loves to win!

In order to get started in entering these giveaways, head over to and click on the orange image that says “Enter to win amazing gifts, rizes and experiences!!”  Good luck everyone!

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