Take A Day Off!


As a working mom, and let me say that ALL moms are working moms (being a mom is NOT an easy task!), we all need a break at some point. We actually work 24/7 as a parent on top of any other jobs we have inside or outside of the home. On our days off, we tend to do things around the house like the laundry or a deep clean. We might work outside on the yard that has needed a cut for almost a week now. We might even spend the whole day cleaning and organizing our child(ren)’s room(s).

Photo Credit:  chaosandkiddos.com

While off days are a great day to get things done, off days are also wonderful for ME TIME! If you have a day off from work, please consider doing something for yourself! The laundry and housework can wait. You deserve a day of pampering, even if it is in your own home. Cook your favorite meal, turn on Netflix and binge-watch your favorite show while wearing pajama pants and your best pair of fuzzy socks.

You can also check out some homemade mask recipes. For example if you have oily skin check out my face mask recipe for oily skin. You can also find out how to make a kiwi face mask if you are feeling brave! Something else I recommend is throwing yourself a spa party. You can find some ideas here.

Being a parent is not easy. It is demanding and exhausting. However, it is also exciting and rewarding. You work hard every day and you are always doing something for someone else. Take a day to yourself and do something relaxing. You need to feel well-rested and relaxed in order to take care of your family the best you can. Do not feel guilty for doing something for yourself every now and then!

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