Why Organic Clothing Is So Much Better For Your Baby


Unless you’ve been in hiding, you know the importance of the phrase “organic.” From foods and building materials to beauty products and clothing, the consumer demand is huge and growing. Organic is especially important when you’re thinking about dressing your baby. The following reasons explain why organic clothing is so much better for them.

What Does Organic Mean?

The duties of motherhood are plentiful. They also come with a great amount of responsibility. As a mom, you have to decide what kind of food, diapers and skin care products are best for the health and wellness of your infant. Clothing is just as critical a decision for parents and goes beyond charming hues of pink, blue and yellow. Parents also need to worry about the materials and how a piece of clothing is made. That’s why many are turning to organic. But what is behind the meaning of term? Based on the National Organic Standards Board, this ecological management system should enhance biological systems, biodiversity and soil biological activity. In order for a product to be titled Certified Organic, the item much abide by strict regulations set by the National Organic Standards Board. From the soil where the product was grown to how it was processed in a special facility, the guidelines must be followed to perfection.

Why Does Organic Matter?

You’ve probably seen this in the grocery section of your supermarket, specifically designated food items labeled organic. But why is the term organic just so important to consumers? One of the primary reasons for the great consumer demand is based on health. Purchased not just for their own benefits, people are also interested in organic for their children, environment and community. It’s now become a way of life and easily adaptable practice in many of today’s households. Although organic foods are extremely popular, parents are also looking into organic clothing for their children. Many manufacturers are realizing the importance and coming up with some amazing options. Organic clothing like Honey Bee Baby clothes are buttery soft and made with your baby’s skin in mind. Because they use cotton that is 100 percent organic and eco-friendly inks and dyes, you don’t have to worry about skin irritations or rashes.

Why Should you use Organic Clothing?

A significant number of parents are choosing to create a natural and clean environment for their children. They do this by picking organic bedding and furniture. Organic baby foods and skin care products are equally important. Parents are also extending their natural feelings by selecting organic fibers that rest against their skin. Organic clothing can protect your children by reducing their exposure to pesticides. The fabrics are also gentler on their skin, sturdier and cost-effective. With less pesticides used to manufacture the products, your infant can grow up in a healthier and less toxic environment.

The Importance of Buying Organic

Whether it may be broccoli or clothing, society is constantly changing. The information that we obtain through smartphones, and the Internet is helpful in the many changes. This includes the current farming practices where pesticides and toxins are quite prevalent. Chemical treatments have gotten Americans to take a closer look as to how food may be grown and where their clothing may come from. Cotton is a major resource in the manufacture of clothing. Since it’s not regulated like food, pesticides and chemicals used to grow cotton don’t have specific guidelines in place. Although you may not eat the cotton used to manufacture your clothes, the harmful toxins can still leach into your body in a number of ways. Your infant’s skin is especially sensitive. It’s also thinner and more porous than the skin of an adult. This could put your child at a greater risk for health problems that are pesticide related. Selecting organic clothing that is farmed without chemicals can lessen their exposure to harmful toxins in the world.

Photo Credit:  WhatToExpect.com

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