Our Hamster Stripe Was Buried

Stripe standing

Yesterday was a sad afternoon, after having our hamster Stripe since first grade, my third grader experienced his first pet burial.  We were told that a hamster’s life span was around two / two and a half years so Stripe had a full life with us. Bobby knew that this was coming and had been talking about the expected short lifespan for months now.  Stripe went to sleep curled up in her blue bed as usual and never woke back up.  I put her in a thick box, inside her favorite blue bed and told Bobby about Stripe when we were almost home from school yesterday.

Travis was home from school so he dug the hole for us in the backyard while Bobby and I watched.  We buried her close to a tree so we could always remember where she is.  I told Bobby that we wouldn’t be getting another hamster right now because we were so busy with the car wash and after school activities and it would be best to wait until we had more time to be at home to work on training another hamster.  Bobby agreed and said that a hamster’s life span is just too short so you need to be able to enjoy it to the fullest when you have one.

Bobby was upset and said he needed to go fishing in order to have something happy to think about so we loaded up the car and headed for the area creek.  We fished for two hours, caught many fish, a turtle and saw a large snake in the water.  Today will be a better day, and Stripe will always be in our hearts.  She was so smart and a very special addition to our family.

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