School Project: Make A Kazoo


Bobby needed to make an item for school that didn’t cost much money and was quick and easy to make.  Today everyone in the class will turn in their homemade items along with the instructions and the class will take a vote on their favorites.  The winning items will be made in bulk in their class and “sold” in a grade-wide sale.

Bobby and I thought and thought about what he could do that would be appealing, quick and simple to reproduce.  Thank goodness for Pinterest!  We found so many ideas, but we chose this onefrom  This project was fun, and we had all the items needed for this project right here at the house which definitely made things much easier.

We needed the following in order to make one kazoo:

  • One toilet paper roll
  • Markers or paint to use in decorating the toilet paper roll
  • One rubberband to use in attaching the wax paper to the kazoo
  • A small sheet of wax paper to affix to the end of the toilet paper roll

Once we had made the kazoo, of course we both had to test it out.  It made a lot of noise so I am glad that it is going to school today, but it was a lot of fun!  I know all the other parents in Bobby’s class will be creative, but I have a good feeling about his kazoo project.  If the goal for the class is to reproduct handmade items that catch the other student’s attention from the other classrooms, I think this definitely fits the bill!  What child doesn’t love to make loud noises in school, which is exactly what they will do once they “purchase” one of these handmade kazoos!

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